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About The Club


As you enjoy the Green Hill Country Club of today, a most interesting history lives on. In 1925, a group of 25 men purchased the land from Mr. Harry Jones for $10,000 with the plan of building a 9-hole golf course.

The name of Green Hill Country Club was chosen, and Mr. John K. Gunby became its first president. He officially opened the course in May of 1927, although men and women had played here for over a year prior to this date.  In May of 1928, the clubhouse was completed at a cost of another $10,000 and put into use by the membership for 100 persons. Dues, at this time, was $100 annually for the gentlemen and $50 for ladies. They have increased a little since then.

During the ten-year period from 1927 to 1937, many good times were enjoyed.  However, economic hard times overtook the club as the depression of the 30’s made its impact felt across the country.  In 1937, the dues were lowered to $25 a year, but it was still impossible to keep an adequate and active membership to support the club. The bank foreclosed, and Green Hill no longer existed.

The Phillips brothers, Pratt and Lay, bought the entire property at the foreclosure sale.  Becoming known as “Willow Brook Lodge,” it was used as a summer home by the Pratt Phillips’ family.  During this period the house was enlarged, the grounds were landscaped, and cattle grazed over the 9-hole golf course.

In 1954 Alfred H. Tull, a New York golf course architect constructed an additional nine holes that were opened in 1955.  The final result was an 18-hole course measuring 6,477 yards from regular tees, 6,929 yards from the championship tees, and 5,975 yards from the women’s tees.  The old nine holes, which are now intertwined among the new holes, are the rolling ones, as well as the most interesting.

Today, as you drive on the grounds, the completed aspects of a capital improvement program begun in 1977 are very visible.  On your left are the tennis courts, completed for use during the summer of 1977.  Your car will be parked on the site of the original courts.  Near the river on the left of the clubhouse is the swimming pool, also put into use during the summer of 1977.  The present outside deck and inside dining room is built over the first pool. As you enter the clubhouse, you see the Pro Shop on your right. The original one lies to the left of the 18th hole. The Grille Room, the River Room, the Heritage Room, the Terrace Dining Room, locker rooms, and offices were completed and opened during the fall of 1978.  All of these are an outgrowth of the first building, which formed the nucleus of the present structure.

We invite you to be part of our history!

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